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Hood News 19                                                                                       01/14/2018


Top News:

Campbell Soup not so good.

America’s favorite Canned Good company’s is exterminating mankind with their canned products. If you read what is in the label of any canned good you will understand why for years people have been developing High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and various other extreme health issues.

The preventives that are in most canned foods have high amounts of sodium that includes Del-Monty, Campbell & Glory just to name a few, and other non- named brand canned goods are NO GOOD!

 Just ask yourself the question what exactly is in the preventives that are in the canned goods? How is it that meat and vegetables can last for years in a can? Is it the actual aluminum that that preserves the food fresh with no refrigeration? What actual chemicals do the U.S.D.A approved for us to ingest?

 I fully understand about the taste, no one wants to do without flavor but my suggestion to you is to cook from scratch and freeze it. Do yourself a favor and consider what you put in your temple, you are what you eat. I think the question is what happened to the days when people died at 102 & 110 years old? Now people are dying early diseased young and fighting for their lives.

Missing Baby

Tuesday a man walked into the dollar store in Blue Bell Plaza with a baby stroller with no baby, witness observed the man walking the stroller around the store taking his time slowly shopping, when employees were alerted to the baby-less man the man trying to leave out of the dollar store with the empty stroller and not buying a thing the witness alerted the manager and he gave chase.

They were running around the parking lot in between cars up a down the row when the thief decided to ditch the stroller and run off leaving all the stolen goods behind, when the employees retrieved the stroller it had at least $60.00 worth of deodorant and other items. The man fled without being caught

I guess he was just practicing.




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Community news

Community meetings South West District Services 

At Kingsession Playground 7PM every Tuesday Night

They are discussing Scott Wagner who running for PA Governor and what he can do for Pennsylvania and what more we can do as an Urban community to make our vote matter and what governor needs to do. They Need Help with community so come join them and make the community strong. Contact the station or Martin Jones on Facebook or the new community page.

Something to consider

There are great and hidden talent amongst the community l, but the urban environment may not support this.

You could have a young person from any community who has an extreme talent in the house this child has no emotional support, this child could be the next legislator who will make a change that uplifts the people and the community, on the other hand if you don’t have the consciousness to uplift yourself or being discouraged you will not thrive past your knowledge becoming a statistic of a toxic environment. “If it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for my Son” says one mother from Philadelphia her son is 14 and already on probation, his talent is singing, he told me that his family mocks him and discourages him every time he sings. He was told that his singing was “not hood enough’ hustler is the way singing don’t pay, you only need to worry about hustling that almighty dollar “says his stepfather.

This young man has been sneaking to church just to sing and joined the school choir but tells his mom that he has detention to sound more ‘HOOD” so he doesn’t get teased by his family.

 He also makes straight A’s, but his mother doesn’t even know good grades are a part of this boy’s life or any productive positive thing. In this young man’s own words” Positivity can’t live in my mom’s house”.  So now this youngster is selling drugs to save money to pay for studio time, so he can sing what he writes he says he has Hope that his future will change.


In Emergency Room News

Digital Crack at its worst

Have you heard that in the news they are starting rehabs for teen’s who are addicted to games on the   I-phone?

 Does this apply to video games?

 If it doesn’t it should.

Woman get stabbed times by her 6-year-old child

In Frankford a 6-year-old boy Stabbed his mother after playing a video game that was designed for 17 years or older, the programing from video games and a child’s imagination does not mix. 6-year-old boy walked into the bedroom where his mom was and seemed to be in a trance picked up his mom’s scissors and stabbed her 6 times before she knocked him to the floor and disarmed him.

 When Department of Human services & Philly PD questioned the young child, He stated that his mommy looked like one of the charters of his video game that he kills for points.

The young child believed that his mom was a bad charter from the video game, so he had to kill it before it took over his mommy.

 The mother is confused and recovering but now she has DHS / court issues she is being charged with corrupting the morals of a minor. We will keep you updated as this story develops.


Life Sucks

A 37-year-old man gets his Genitals dislocated in a Hover Max Carpet Cleaner

story is that he was highly intoxicated from THC and decided to place his genitals in the Hover and turns it on.

 The Hoover Max is a powerful carpet cleaner it has an extremely powerful suction hose that pulls dirt from the bottom of your rug not just the surface, apparently the man came into the ER with the device still attached to his privates. After it was non- surgically removed that when the Nurse realized that his private part was dislocated, the man had to be put asleep to have himself relocated, He is recovering in the hospital and he instructed his girlfriend to discard the hover that hurt his privates.

Station Announcements

We are planning a baby shower for our Station’s own Tashiyonna Thompson if you want an invitation to the shower inbox me for date time and the theme.

H2H station is starting a fund raiser drive for children of sexual abuse the funds help children to have mental health services and programs to help survivors so look for the fundraiser that will be going around on Facebook.

We also have a new hash tag trending its also our new by-line for 2018 it #ATN for “All That News”

We are also starting a community page called” Philly Stay Free” this is an information page so if you need to find services and free community programs join, subscribe follow and share this new page with Myself and the New page admin Me KC Glenn & Martin Jones.

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