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Chapter 2                  RULE 2            Loose Lips Sink ships


In this chapter I am revealing just how what you say, fucks shit up. From the beginning of your encounters in life with people you will find that the first 10 minutes of a conversation with anyone will basically let you know their thinking pattern. If you think in the similar fashion of this person you will assume that you have a lot in common, this is so not true you usually just agree.

Just agreeing is not enough for you to just go start fucking. STOP pump your breaks listen to what the other person is saying. You are sharing too much information that kind of shit backfires on you.

I heard a man tell a woman when she asked was he married he replied, “I’m not married but my wife is” this is also the man who says” Being married means you get more pussy right?

With women, it’s my “He be tripping on me, treating me like shit” or the damsel in distress will say “He won’t let me be me” these statements are a complete proven load of bullshit.

Now married couples if you have a problem with your spouse do not tell the side chick shit about your life, where you live or where you work, DUDES BIG NO.

Your marriage is secreted do you hear me SECRETED if you and your wife are battling, how about pay a sex therapist instead it’s the same money. When you vent to a side chick you give her ammo to torture your wife bad enough your screwing another woman but to disgrace the one you chose to marry is when Carma starts taking notice to your slick shit, she feeds off it, it’s her food drink and life source remember she’s a hungry bitch.

if you expect people not to be smart enough to figure your game out, not true its love that keeps wives around, so you should know your wife knows, and so do your children especially the oldest.

No matter what the situation is, side chick you must know that his life, I you’re already being a takeover artist why make it worst by damaging your brain with his problems if his wife is getting on his nerves and all he can talk about is her, her, all night? You must know side chick if she’s the topic when you see him he sees her when he fucks you.

Ahhh you noticed I keep saying fuck, I’m putting that word in there for you side chick, why you ask? because that’s what you get all the way around you get FUCKED but his wife gets his passions not just making love.

Men are sharing like that and you are only on the tail end on the deal. If you are the kind of side chick who a sperm thief and you is clearly identify this man as the father of the child, then you have the right to ask questions.

Even though you have a child, remember sperm stealing side chick that child is not supposed to be in the picture.

 So, you can’t demand more time effort or money over the first family.

 If he does not have money and you choose to still be with him, keep to drinking his babies. it’s just safer to not recreate him. I know how I talk is harsh but that’s how it is.

Now you men you must think, if this girl knows about everything that your wife does not then WHY is she still fucking with you?

Meaning what did you tell her to make her think she got you by the balls, to let you know men while you think your living up with two women.

 Men hurt a lot of women, and you just so happen to fit the description or the category of the men she wants to take revenge upon.

Did you ever ask your side chic these questions?

  1. Why don’t you have a man of your own?
  2. What do you want from me?
  3. Why do you want to fuck with me?

It is said that if a man will cheat on his wife what he will do to the side chick, I beg to differ I think the real question is what the side chick will do to him if she allows herself to be his lover knowing about his life.

I bet you are thinking now not me I won’t be caught up sorry to say you already are.

Pussy is the most expensive thing you’ll ever eat. You will pay in so many ways you won’t even comprehend how you are the embodiment of the side chick inner hate and rage towards what she feels about all men.

It’s not about money or the side chick not knowing her worth, it’s about the sheer power of the pussy and the thinking mind of the user behind it. She knows what you want and attends to your inner child and selfish needs and strokes your ego like no other, wait for it, WHAM she gives you the felling that you had when you first had sex with your woman and your hooked she’s more than a side chick she’s now a good friend right?

You start to care understand her struggle feel bad when you got to go home because she’s SOOO nice? I can trust her she doesn’t ask for anything she understands me, NO SHE DOES’NT it’s all part of the plan and your stupid enough to put on the glasses, talk to her get advice on your marriage tell her all the bullshit your feeling inside yes friend load the gun.

Blow your head off, why don’t you? because that’s what you did. your brain and penis are stuck on that juicy thick but not on the reason this chick is accepting all this.

LOVE you say? If your side chick is having feelings for you that’s the most dangerous situation to be in, your life is officially over as soon as you must hurt her by leaving her.

Just think even if your wife finds out and stands up to the side chick what kind of shit are you going to be enduring at home.

Depending on how bat shit crazy the women in your relationship have been made, bad enough the cheating hurts, if the side chick told on you that much worst but if you vent to the side chick you know that loaded gun thing we talked about earlier, imagine how enraged your wife will be if the side chick possesses personal marriage and bedroom information?


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