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80-year-Old woman In Frankford arrested for prostitution:

The woman in question grew up in the Frankford area all her life times are hard, and she needed money obviously and since there is a extreme demand for Senior Porn in the industry this was a clear In for the 80 year old her & the 34 year old guy was arrested in the alley way around castor avenue when police got them out of the car she had on a 2 piece bikini and he claimed that she has a live sex porn site where she meets people , and that he had been seeing her since he was in his 20s and giving her $1000.00 per pop the both were arrested for solicitation.

In other news Baby Left in A Target Bathroom

Woman leaves her baby in the at target this week story is that she walked out after washing her hands and grabbed everything else but the baby a target team member recued the baby and returned the child. People this is not the lost & found and BTW its hospitals and fire departments churches NOT A PUBLIC RETAIL STORE. She remembered her pet food but not her baby her excuse is she had to take all her stuff to the car, so she only left her for a few minutes.

Septa Connect driver caught.

The septa connect driver was caught outside of a senior apartment building getting head from a patient who had to use the wheel chair lift to get in and out , story is that this has been going on for sometime now and the security guard reported the situation because the senior in question is a special needs person who is supposed to not have a clear understanding of what she was doing at 68 years old and because of her being paralyzed from the waist down the facility tried to call rape on the driver assuming that he was clearly taking advantage of the woman. Well he wasn’t the woman threatened to call patient abuse on him if he didn’t let her do it she was pulling her hair & flipping out and threating to blame him he went thru this for months until he finally gave in and let her have her way with him she also was giving him very large money gifts for the exchange , we will have more on that story as it develops.

In Metro News

Philadelphia Police claim Honest Accident in Murder of Special Needs Man:

The story in the metro claims that this person was shot to death several times by Philadelphia police because he didn’t respond to their demands fast enough because he didn’t understand what was going on the ended his life and erased him from his loving family this innocent peaceful person and call it a honest accident we want comments on your view about this tragedy if you want to find the article  it’s in the march 4th issue of the metro . Our hearts go out to him & his family.


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