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Celery Moment: Chelsea v Hull/Sporting Lisbon

15 December 2015

Jonathan Kydd kindly extended an invite to Chidge to sit with him in the posh seats of the East Middle. Chidge behaved himself very well until he saw Chris Foy reach for his red card. Chidge, assuming that Foy was about to send off a Chelsea player (Luis) rather than Huddlestone, immediately reverted to type, got up and screamed abuse at Foy. We believe the C word was used. Jonathan then quietly advised Chidge that Foy had in fact sent off the Hull player.

A lot of conjecture about Cahill’s dive, and whether Foy should have given Cahill a second yellow card for simulation. We feel the only thing wrong was the poor execution of the dive which was rather comical – Gary 0/10 for the dive – must do better.

Poor old Obi Mikel – always gets stick, often undeserved, everyones scapegoat. So fair play to him for scoring Chelsea’s third goal in the 3-1 win against Sporting Lisbon and his first in European competition. We were there when Obi scored!

by Chelsea FanCast