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Governor is segregating people in churches . . .

Governor is segregating people in churches . . .

Date:   Friday, May 7, 2021, 01:13 PM CDT

The governor of Washington state just created a two-tiered system that will have the effect of 
telling people where they can and cannot sit inside a church—all based on their vaccine status!
Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) is pushing churches and event venues to segregate people by vaccine 
status, dangling the freedom carrot and promising he will double the maximum number of participants 

We absolutely cannot allow the government to tell people where they can sit in church! Nor can we 
allow a two-tier system of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people. Satan has been trying to divide 
the church for centuries. Demand freedom from MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS and TRACING APPS with
your fax to our state and national leaders today! — Mat

You have to ask, how will the church or venue know if people are vaccinated? The only way to know 
for sure is a digital vaccine passport—like the one in China or Israel and elsewhere. MIT's 
Technology Review says this will become the new normal, and we will get used to it like we did the 
TSA measures following 9/11.

But a vaccine passport is much different because it will control every movement of your life. 
Churches that do not segregate by vaccination status are limited to 25% capacity, but if they do 
segregate, they can expand to 50% capacity. For now, the unvaccinated can worship with the 
vaccinated, but when will he demand that everyone be vaccinated?

And if the COVID shots are so effective, then why do the vaccinated care if they sit near the 
unvaccinated? It makes no sense other than control.

It should not matter where you stand on these COVID shots. We should all agree that segregating 
worshippers by vaccination status is wrong. Let's put the lepers on one side, the clean on the 
other. This is wrong. Freedom is lost one bit at a time.
Our freedom must not be determined by a vaccine passport.

Some governors tried to divide us with the "essential" label. Some want to divide
us based on race. Now segregation is based on COVID shots.

In the latest numbers, deaths related to the COVID vaccine have jumped to 4,178 (up from about 
3,500 the week prior) and about 133,000 adverse reactions (up from nearly 119,000 the week prior).
Fox's Tucker Carlson had an informative segment comparing COVID vaccines to prior vaccines. "In 
just the first four months of this year, the U.S. government has recorded more deaths after COVID 
vaccinations than from all other vaccines administered in the United States between mid-1997 and 
the end of 2013—that is a period of 15 and a half years."

He continued, "Here is a contrast for you. In 1976, the U.S. government vaccinated 45 million 
people for the Swine Flu. A total of 53 people reportedly died after getting this shot. And the 
U.S. government immediately halted the vaccination program. Why? Because authorities decided it was 
too risky. It wasn't worth it."

Yet, right now, the deaths we are seeing after these COVID vaccines are 78 TIMES HIGHER than the 
Swine Flu vaccines.

These are real people who had their lives cut short. I had a very good friend who was in good 
health die after taking the second shot. A 15-year-old boy in Colorado died of "cardiac failure" on 
April 20 just two days after he got the Pfizer shot. No pre-existing conditions were listed. 
Cardiac failure is a known side effect.

After the CDC reapproved the Johnson & Johnson injection with a warning label, a 35-year-old 
Michigan woman died from blood clots. There are new reports from Israel that raise serious concerns 
about the spike in deaths following the Pfizer shots.

Despite the concerns that should be openly discussed without censorship, people are being pressured 
to take these shots. If they don't get the injection, they are being told they cannot work or 
attend school, and now churches are being told they can beg for a few crumbs of extra space if they 
segregate worshippers.

Enough of the coercion. This decision must be yours and yours alone. No one should be forced. In 
America, there is no place for a vaccine passport.
It is time to stand for freedom from MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS and TRACING APPS today!

According to the CDC, as of April 16, 9,245 people tested positive for COVID at least two weeks 
after getting the final shot. About 9%, or 835, people required hospitalization, and 132 died. This 
data is consistent with other data worldwide. Add to this the fact that many experts warn that the 
vaccinated may be more susceptible to variants.

You must be the one to weigh the pros and cons. This is your personal decision, not government, Big 
Pharma or big corporations. But now Washington, California, New York, Alaska and Nevada want to 
make that decision for you. Stand up for freedom. Tell governors and legislators NO MANDATORY 


The governors and legislators are listening. Florida just passed a law banning vaccine passports. 
There are now scores of bills in nearly half the states to ban vaccine passports.


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Mat Staver Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action