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Unlocking the Goddess

From CalcuDating –Your Single days are numbered. By Match maker and Romance expert Lorraine Adams


It’s a scene we’ve all observed. A handsome man is walking along the street with his arm protectively curled around a rather plain woman – but he’s gazing at her with adoring eyes like she’s the most stunning creature on earth. ‘What has she got that I haven’t?’ But I can tell you now, that girl is a Goddess. She’s unlocked the age-old secrets of how to lure in and create the loveliest of partners.

Once upon a time, before technology allowed us to scrutinize everything, these feminine wiles were passed on from mother to daughter. Women were taught to maintain their feminine mystique and seduce any man they wanted – but sadly these exquisite secrets have almost all been lost. In our Jeremy Kyle confessional society, women are encouraged to want it all, tell it all and show it all off! Is it attractive to men? No.

So you want to know the secret of how to attract the best men, even though it actually isn’t always evident who the best men are initially? How is it that some women, even those you think don’t have as much to offer as you, seem to have the guys falling at their feet, while you never get a look in? Why do some women effortlessly hang on to their men, while everyone you feel yourself falling for walks away before you even get started?

What I’m about to reveal to you is as old as time itself, but somehow many of us have forgotten what actually should be instinctive. Only a true Goddess will have learned the secrets of what it takes to bag a fabulous romance and partner. I’ve tried and tested these pearls of wisdom over the last ten years, and I know they work. One or two things I’m about to show you may seem strange, or even go against what you currently believe, but if you follow my advice to the letter you will get to a place where you start to have the pick of any men you want; suddenly you’ll find a wealth of men where before the dating landscape seemed to be barren. You won’t have to ‘settle’ for someone or become what you think he wants. You won’t be fretting about what you say, do, think or wear, as everything will begin to go with the flow and fit into place. Before you know it, you will find yourself in a great relationship.

Please trust me when I say it will be as easy as that, but you have to become a disciple to the LCFR programme. Disregard some of the advice, or cheat on some of the tasks, and you will only be swindling yourself out of a wonderful romance.

There are just four key attributes EVERY woman should possess if she wants to be a hit with men, and I’m talking sustainable relationships with longevity not a quick night of passion and then to be forgotten. Every woman genetically has a latent, ravishing goddess within – its part of the feminine make-up. The problem is some of us just have not tapped into it properly. My four golden keys will unlock the Goddess from within!

  1. Rediscovering your femininity
  2. Pose yourself as a challenge to all men –those you don’t want and those you want!
  3. Self belief
  4. Be captivating

Watch out for further blogs on all four of these golden gems to finding the right man and keeping him!

by Lorraine Adams