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Top 10 Cutest NCAA Team Mascot Emojis

1. Cincinnati 

In the round of 62, Cincinnati put of a fight against Purdue, and came out on top! They were 1 of the 6 games that ended with just a 1 point difference in Day 1 of this year’s March Madenss - the most in all NCAA tournament history! Unfortunately, this put them up against the favorites of this year’s NCAA tournament and ultimately lost to the undefeated Kentucky! They may not have gone far in the tournament, but they are our number 1 cutest NCAA emoji this year! 

2. Wisconsin

No. 1 Seed Wisconsin from the Big Ten have continued to prove their strength on their court, cruising straight through to the Sweet Sixteen and to number two on our list!

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3. Ole Miss

Ole Miss was knocked out early in the tournament by Xavier, but manages to make it into our top 3 cutest NCAA team emojis this year! 

4. Georgetown

Many predicted Georgetown to be knocked out in the first round due to a bad track record of losing to double digit seed teams the last 5 years, but made it through the first round by beating Eastern Washington. Unfortunately, their run to the Sweet Sixteen is halted by Utah. 

5. Lafayette

As cute as the Lafayette Leopard is, their time in the NCAA tournament was cut short after losing to No. 1 seed Villanova. 

6. Duke

The Duke Blue Devils are cruising through the NCAA tournament, straight to the Sweet Sixteen without much trouble. This little Blue Devil could have been a little bit more devilish in our opinion though! 

7. Arkansas

Arkansas was part of yet another dramatic game on Day 1 of the NCAA tournament. Though seeded much higher than their opponents, Wofford, they only just made it through to the second round and was knocked out by the UNC Tar Heels. 

8. Northeastern

Northeastern Huskies kicked off the tournament for us against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. For a game that most pegged the Notre Dame to take the game for certain, the Huskies gave us scare by putting up a real fight, but they come up short and were knocked out the first round 65-69.

9. Northern Iowa

Northern Iowa cruised through the first round, but were not enough to defend the no. 2 seeded Gonzaga to make it through to the Sweet Sixteen.

10. UCLA

UCLA Bruins beat SMU to make it through to the Round of 32 in the last second in one of the most controversial calls in the tournament. UCLA shot their last attempt at a 3-pointer as the clock time ran out to win the game was far from accurate, but SMU was called out for goaltending, which resulted in UCLA winning the game by 1 point! They cruised through the next round to make it to the Sweet Sixteen after beating UAB, so who knows how far they will go!

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by Admit See