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Applying to college is incredibly confusing and expensive. Let's change that together!

Our mission is to finally bring transparency to college admissions offices. We're collecting data on how different factors (e.g. legacy status, AP scores, supplemental essays) impact admissions chances. We want to empower users to make better choices about which schools they apply to and inspire them to customize their application essays for each school. Say for instance, you have to write a GPA Addendum to explain semester of really bad grades - you can find Admits who went through the same thing, and see which schools were more forgiving.

We hope to level the higher education playing field by providing affordable access to trustworthy college admissions guidance. There's a shortage of college counselors at high schools - 73% of U.S. public high schools don't have dedicated college counselors. That's where we come in. Our Admits are more than counselors - they’re like older siblings who provide first-hand experience and access to their most personal application details that offer a holistic guide to their candidacies. 

Our database is free for students at Title I schools and for teachers and guidance counselors in underserved communities. If you cannot afford to download profiles, you can get free access to them by referring other students and/or by becoming an AdmitSee Intern. Email to join us now!

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