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Why is Livestreaming great for you and your business?

Why is Livestreaming great for you & your business?

Live streaming is not new, Its been around for some time but 2 new Apps have recently started, Meerkat and Periscope. Periscope was bought by Twitter. Both of these Apps have done something extraordinary. They have brought the ability to livestream to the masses.

I am a fan of Periscope and have been using it literally since it started, 5 days ago. It really is the easiest and simplest thing ever. Just download the App from the App store: and within seconds you can be livestreaming.

Next, simply log in with your Twitter username and password. Periscope draws from Twitter your photo and your bio. You can edit your bio though. You are now good to go. There are 3 icons at the bottom of the screen.

The tv icon is to watch other people’s live streams, the middle icon is the broadcast icon and then final icon on the right shows you who you follow on Twitter that has got Periscope, and you can also go to your profile etc…

Go to the broadcast icon, add a brief description, you can add or disable your location, you can choose to stream a privately to some named participants, and you can choose to auto tweet the stream description out and to to tell your Twitter followers that you are now live streaming on Periscope.

That’s it, your now live to the world. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. People can then comment on your stream, you can reply to those comments, and by tapping the screen, people can send you hearts which is a like equivalent to the Facebook like.

Why is this so awesome?

Its so awesome as we are all now broadcasters, journalists, newscasters, can stream to people all over the world, can promote ourselves to a much wider audience. The uses of livestreaming are limitless but so far I have seen: behind the scenes of tv and radio stations, a White House press briefing, people walking, talking, cooking, making things, doing magic, showing me their streets, their cities, their offices, their staff, their products and services, people have also been answering questions and behind the scenes in the green rooms.

My advice to you…

Download the Periscope App: and seriously check it out, start to follow others and then you will get notifications when they are about the love stream, have a go yourself. I think you will be amazed at just how easy it is to do. You will then start to think how can I use this for my business, for my clients and so on. Already tons of celebs have joined, brands are on board, and everyday thousands of people are trying it out to see how it works.

I have been on there @markshaw for 4 days, I truly believe its awesome. I really do think that live streaming is very much here to stay as the technology will only get better, faster etc.. so, please check it out and perhaps I will see you streaming on Periscope really soon…

by Mark Shaw