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YOUR website and live interactive-broadcasting!

Do you think your website would benefit from a live - interactive broadcasting platform?

The power of live-broadcasting allows individuals to interact through live video and audio. Think of what you could do with a live-broadcast feature on your website: Q&A’s, debates, customer engagement, focus groups…the possibilities are endless! Meemee TV has started to supply companies with our company ‘white label version’. We have built the technology for our public portal and are prepared to share the hard work and technology we have painstakingly been building over the last year with visionary website owners.

Our public platform enables anyone to create their own TV channel with the live broadcasting platform built in. Our channel owners are typically coaching or experts in health, fitness, sports, diet and nutrition, romance,kids activities or entrepreneurs and entertainers! Our platform allows them to post and share all their video content, downloadable content and even articles. One of the most exciting features for a channel is the ability to schedule and broadcast live streams to an unlimited audience - and invite members of their audience to participate the conference, debate or focus group by inviting them on to their video stage - like a live Q&A session!

This allows for a unique and more special and engaging viewer experience – a much more rewarding outcome than a video on YouTube! Our portal also enables channel owners to monetise their content with our built in secure payment platform. So have your company join us - either as a channel owner FREE on - or as a white label client with our technology embedded into your own website…live-broadcasting is the wave of the future!

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