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Are Ghosts Real?

Are Ghosts Real?
A spiritual point of view.
by Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove

Lecturing around the country I find that my audiences always relate to my favorite topic of Guardian Angels. Most relate to the concept of Spirit Guides. But many believe that Ghosts are just a product of Hollywood movies.

Let's get spiritually educated folks! It's not your fault. Most western religions don't teach about what really happens when we die. They kind of skim right over it. It's explained that you die, your soul goes to heaven for judgment, and then you hang out in Heaven or Hell for eternity. End of story, right?

In my books She Talks With Angels and Angels Are Talking, I go into great detail about the journey of the soul. So please read up, everyone deserves a well rounded spiritual education. Did you know that we are very busy in the afterlife? I'll put your mind at ease, most of us know our way home to the Heavens.

So what's up with Ghosts? If you believe in life after death and that the soul continues to live on eternally, then it's not so hard to imagine that all souls may not go to the light. At the time of death the soul pops right out of its physical container. The soul consciousness has a natural homing device. We are compelled to move towards the bright light that radiates unconditional love, an open doorway to the Heavens.

But some souls DECIDE to stay Earth bound. Yes, even at the time of death God honors our free will. Why would a soul want to stay here and turn away from the light? There are many reasons that they reject the light of God: Fear of the unknown, fear of judgment, great love…to stay with their loved ones, attachment to a place, major addictions or even revenge. Then there are the deaths that occur during a state of confusion; murder, suicide, or a fast tragic accident. A small percentage of these souls may linger on Earth for a while. But know this, eventually ALL SOULS will return to Heaven.

Ghosts are a REAL phenomena.
Just think of them as souls who made a short detour on their way to Heaven!

Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

PS. Coming soon here on MeeMee TV - Spiritual Development Classes by me!  Also you can find more factual information on Ghosts and real hauntings by reading my books Ghost Stalker & Ghost Stalker II .

by Michelle Whitedove