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We would be interested in proposing our company for potential business partnerships. is a portal which enables users to create their own online TV channel. Each channel has the capacity for unlimited live public interactive broadcasting. 
Individual channels which can be completely customised and monetised and are free to create, act as a hub for the channel owners content including: Video content, articles, images, live broadcasts, and archive live broadcasts. Also downloadable content. 
We launched live last year and have built an array of channel owners which include: Football Fan-casts, A celebrity psychic, Vloggers, podcasters, entertainers, therapists, social media stars and many more. also offers a complete white-label service for companies wishing to embed the rich features into their own websites. has been referred to as the 'Go-to portal' for The next generation of YouTube content creators.
All enquiries: FAO Lorraine Adams

by Lorraine Adams