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I am Vain

I am vain!

You will probably think this is about you won’t you, It’s not! It is me because,


Some people may call me the spirit of vanity but the truth is I AM VAIN!

I am so vain I want all people to invite me in.

I want you like me so I can destroy you.

I want you, only to use you.

But you will not see me that way, You will only see me as “looking out for yourself”

I will convince you that the only one who has feelings that count is you, so you can walk over everyone else’s without feeling guilt.

I will convince you the only reason why someone wants you, why people are around you or  to be your “friend” you is so they can use you. This will allow the spirit of fear to join us, and fear will convince you the everyone is out to get you, or will reject you. This will invite the spirit of rejection. With rejection you will reject everyone in order to keep from being rejected.

Because you feel everyone rejects you, You will feel like you are never good enough this will allow the spirit of condemnation to join me. He will convince you that you are never good enough this will help you to focus only on you.   

We will convince you to focus only on yourself and filling your own desires

This will keep you in your addictions and not only that, I will help you hoard up even more addictions. You will trade one addiction for another always seeking to satisfy us, (I mean you) This will allow the spirit of covetousness to join us.

You will never be satisfied why because I am vain!

When people try to help you, you will think they are just like us, (I mean you) so you won’t see them as trying to help but only as an attack on us, oops (I mean you)

So you will turn their directions back to them by saying things like you are not so perfect either. You will be convinced they are hating on you even though they are truly wanting to help you.

You will become angry when someone tries to stop you from harming yourself. We will convince you they are attacking us, (I mean you!) and then the spirit of anger can join us, (I mean you)

You won’t be willing to do what other ask you to do because they are selfish just like us, (I mean you)

This will allow the spirit of rebellion to join us, then condemnation, fear, rejection covetousness, rebellion and I will have such a great time while we destroy you.


But why would you destroy me  you ask? I destroy you, because I am vain!

Writen by PastorWillie Miller 07-03-2015

by Synergy