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I am a passionate Visual Designer & Art Director with extensive and varied experiences. I have been practising my skills in the design industry for nearly 12 years, providing a full range of strategic, creative and technical expertise in the area of corporate communication for several European, Australian, American & Middle Eastern companies. I am highly creative, adaptable with an entrepreneurial vision. I have strong conceptual design skills, the ability to lead a project from conception to production and I am able to manage others. I always strive to exceed client expectations. Some of the brands I have worked with include; Visa Europe, LAN Airlines, Barcelona World Race, Western Union, Anida (BBVA), “la Caixa”, Norman Disney & Young and Almirall Prodesfarma. I am also founder of and freelance Art Director (fashion) for Specialities: Digital Design, Art Direction, Photoshoots, UI & UX Design, Illustration, Corporate Identity & Brand Design

Cristina Hernández Design