General Questions

What is is a portal for users to create their own customised online TV channel. Your channel has its own live broadcasting platform and can store video content, downloadable items and archive live broadcasts.

Is Meemee free to use?

It’s free to set up and create your channel, it is free to broadcast live from your channel and invite as many particpants to your ‘Meechat’! There are only charges made if you select to upgrade additional features such as having the ability to monetise your content. (There is a trial no fee period for this) It is also free to view the content on the channels, although some channels may charge for premium content just like you would pay for a ‘Pay per view’ event on cable TV. It is free to take part and participate in a live broadcast. Viewers are requested to create a login if they wish to request to go on to a broadcast which is being hosted, however there is no charge.


What are the benefits to having my own Meemee online TV channel? allows channel owners the opportunity to showcase and promote and their content for the world to see. Channel owners can entertain, or educate or just share content. also allows live interaction on a video stage with up to four participants plus the host. Many channel owners choose for the ability to broadcast live and to enable them to monetise their video content or their downloadable content such as CD’s and books etc. Channels might be created to promote your business or your services. Perhaps you have a cause or charity you wish to highlight. Or you may want to make money by using the portal as a vehicle to run live or pre-recorded tutorials to teach your viewers to speak another language, or learn skills such as photography.
You can opt to set up ‘pay per view’ for either your live broadcasts (Meechats) or your pre-recorded videos or downloads. You set the fee – minimum $2. The opportunities are endless. Some content creators choose to charge just a few dollars for their content to attract bigger audiences – a 1000 viewers paying $2 each means you have generated $2000. After a trial period take a 20% cut of all your chargable content to process the money. Channel owners have their own monetisation report on their channel to keep abreast of revenue they have earned.

How can I create my own broadcasts and shows?

First you must create a login, then you can create your channel. Once you have logged in look at the red menu tab at the top of the page to follow the easy instructions. Channel owners can add a logo or image for their channel and write a description. Watch this video to guide you. You will find more helpful ‘How to videos’ on our dedicated ‘All about Mee’ channel on the menu tab. This helps you to get the best out of Each video or downloadable content or live Meechat you schedule can have its own image and description. Your videos etc. are organised on your channel by ‘Content’ streams. So if you decide that you want different genres of content you can organise them into the relevant content streams. This also goes for your Live and archive Meechats.

When can I broadcast live?

Once you have created your channel you can schedule your live events (Meechats) anytime and as often as you like. Watch how:

Who will be watching me?

The whole point of is for channel owners to grow their following so you can share your channel name i.e. with your own social network. You can opt to ‘market’ your channel any way you wish and you will also have the benefit of picking up additional viewers from the portal audiences who browse the site once they have visited it. Anyone can log on to and view the vast array of shows on offer for free. (Some channels will offer pay per view premium content)

What type of people will start and operate their own MeeMee channel?

Anyone can create and operate their own Meemee channel. You can use it as a portal to reach out to viewers anywhere in the world. is aimed at the ‘Next generation’ of content creators, Those who originally posted YouTube content, who want to maximise their earning ability and who want to have more control over their content. Also those who wish to schedule ‘Live/interactive’ broadcasts.

How will viewers find my online TV channel?

Viewers can search for your channel more easily if you alert them to your personal channel name i.e. Otherwise viewers can search for channels and shows via categories/alphabetical/most popular or just start to type something in the search box and suggestions will appear. Many people will randomly come across your channel and choose to follow you to enable them to get updates about your forthcoming broadcasts. (This feature to allow viewers to follow a channel is still in beta). Alternatively you can choose to market and high light your channel through your own social media activities such as Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. Using your other social media to direct viewers to your channel allows you to capitalise on the unique pre pay ability for channel owners to implement. are also currently developing a trailer tab for our ‘editor’ pick of content to highlight the unique quality content on there will also be ‘Paid for’ slots on this menu tab.

How do I follow a channel?

This facility is still in development – check back soon

How does Meemee differ from ‘YouTube?’ has some similarities as Youtube and other sites, however there is nothing quite like in that no other site does exactly what we do or offers content creators the control and value. differs from YouTube etc in a number of different ways.
Firstly or ANYONE can create a channel for FREE at Meemee. On Youtube you can post content but must have over a certain number of followers to be proposed for a channel. channel owners can organise and keep all their broadcasts and videos collectively in one place.
Meemee allows you to stamp your personality on your channel with various personal customisations.
At channel owners can schedule and broadcast live.
When channel owners host a live broadcast (Meechat) they can also interact live on their video stage with up to four other veiwers, and interchange at any time to bring new participants on to their live broadcasting stage whilst streaming live to an unlimited audience.
Viewers watching live can also IM Meechat hosts.
Any viewer logged in can ‘requests to go on stage’ during a live broadcast. Broadcasters can chop and change those who they choose to interact with easily by removing people from the video stage and making new participants live.
There are no plugins required for channel owners or viewers.
There is no registration required for viewers (only for those wishing to join the live discussions)
At Meemee channel owners can make instant revenue by selling their downloadable content or by levying a ‘Pay per view’ fee for their video content and live broadcasts through our secure payment platform. channel owners have control over how much or if or when they want to charge for content or live broadcasts or downloadable content.
There are also many unique features available or soon to be available at Meemee such as channel owners being able to create their own identity for their channel with photos and logos and choosing their own vanity channel name. Viewers will also soon be able to ‘Reeward’ or gift channel owners with virtual rewards to demonstrate how they feel about the broadcasts they have watched from fun custard pies and rotten fruit to standing ovations and virtual ‘kisses, hearts, bouquets’
Channel owners can also opt to make their channels or some of their content or live Meechats ‘private’ as opposed to ‘public’. This enables broadcasters to broadcast to a select audience of their choosing. This is a great feature for example for companies who wish to use the service to conference or broadcast exclusively to their employees. channel owners can embed their video content into their own websites and in development we are working on even allowing the live broadcast platform to be embedded onto channel owners own websites. are also developing a social media side to so channel owners can encourage and moniter followers and viewers can leave messages for channel owners whilst they are not on a live broadcast in addition to the IM available during Meechats.

How can I make my channel different and stand out from other MeeMee channels or other portals content?

You will be able to personalise your channel in a number of ways, from your choice of backgrounds, you may opt for music on your channel, you have your own logo and channel image. We are also developing options for channel owners to purchase and design channel Avatar presenters.

How can I make money through my channel?

That all depends on you, your content and how well you go to market. Channel owners can choose a variety ways of utilising their channel to enable them to sell their downloadable, or premium content.

Monetizing Your Content

How do I set up or discover ways to make money?

Watch our videos the special ‘All about Mee’ menu tab to ‘Get the best out of Mee’

How can I search for interesting viewing?

Viewers can either watch our carefully edited ‘Look at Mee’ trailer (coming soon) which will be updated regularly, or go through the TVEE guide. Or just randomly search by name or description in our search box. If you know the name of the channel or show you wish to view you can type it in directly into the search box. Viewers can also choose to scroll through all the channels and videos via a variety of different searches such as category, Alphabetical, most recent or most popular.

Is a channel free to create?

Yes it is FREE! No hidden costs. Anyone can create a channel absolutely free! The only purchases necessary are if you wish to jazz up your channel with some of the personal effects, or if you choose to purchase some of the special features, like enabling charging etc. However there is always a trial FREE period. broadcasting. You can also subscribe to our channel archive service which allows you to purchase extra storage for your broadcasts so you never lose any of your footage.

Is Meemee free to view?

Yes! Anyone can view the shows on Meemee.TV – some channel owners might decide to levy a fee on some of their content. However we encourage channel owners to set low fees- as little as $2.

How can I create a channel?

Can I create or watch channels on any platform? I.e. laptop/tablet/phone?

Yes! You can even watch a live broadcast – we are also developing the ability for broadcasters to broadcast and viewers to participate in live shows via mobile phone and tablet

What is a ‘Content Stream’ ?

The content stream is our term for where you store your videos, Meechats and downloadable content. To organise your content into relevant albums you can create a different stream for each genre. So for example the ‘Global dating advice channel’ has a different dating expert in each stream. Each stream has all the relevant videos, scheduled and archive Meechats and downloadable content for that particular dating expert. It makes easier viewing for viewers and channel owners can manage and organise their content more easily.

How can my viewers interact with me during a live broadcast?

When a channel owner is broadcasting a live show the profile box of viewers wishing to join the live stage turns red and jumps to the front of the list of viewers. The broadcaster also receives an alert ‘Jenny has requested to chat. The host broadcaster clicks bottom o viewer requesting the chat option of which of the four available ‘stages’ they can join. The broadcaster clicks the chosen stage and the viewer simultaneously has a check box appear on their screen to check their microphone, their camera etc on their laptop are all working. (It is advised that a viewer does a diognostics test before they join a live show so they have prepared for any changes or malfunctions prior to the live show)
  • Once everything is in working order the viewer clicks allow.
  • At that stage the host broadcaster clicks ‘make live’ in the screen window of the stage they have promoted the viewer to.
Now the viewer can interact with the host and up to three additional viewers simultaneously – like a five-way video conference – this live ‘show’ is being broadcast and can be watched by an unlimited audience. The viewers can be interchanged at any time by the host broadcaster and new viewers can be promoted to the stage. Viewers can also IM (Instant message) the host and viewers during the live broadcast and the messages are shown as the broadcast is being staged. This helps the broadcaster to decide who they wish to promote to their video stage. For example a viewer can type a question via instant messenger and the host broadcaster can promote them to the stage to discuss and answer the question in person. This is a brilliant functionality for tutorials etc. Watch this How to video for more help

Will my live shows be saved on my channel?

Channel owners will have a limit on the amount of free storage they can have on their channel. All broadcasts will be saved within the limit for free. If channel owners exceed their FREE limit they will have a prompt to enable them to purchase extra storage space, if channel owners choose not to subscribe to extra storage they will lose their live content within a specified time limit. The can also lose some of the pre-recorded footage if storage limits are exceeded. Storage subscriptions are low cost please click on the link for pricing structure.

Can I have more than one TV channel?

You can effectively have more than one channel, however you must create a new user identity and use a different email address.

Can I upload pre-recorded video content on to my channel?

Yes you can easily upload pre-recorded content onto your channel, for an easy step by step guide watch the ‘Get the best out of MEE’ channel.