What is Meemee.tv???

Welcome to MeeMee.tv – our site is a portal for YOU the user to:

  • Watch videos and live shows created by channel owners
  • BECOME a channel owner and create your own live shows and upload your videos
  • Engage in multiple live video chats with other viewers and broadcasters as well as friends and followers

Unlike other popular video streaming sites you as the ‘Content creators’ can start and run a channel and upload videos or record live shows immediately and it’s absolutely FREE….and it’s so easy and quick to do.

MeeMee.tv enables the creator or entertainer in you to reach out to a wider audience with just a simple laptop or PC. The potential for channel owners to achieve their dreams by broadcasting to the world and building a brand and following is phenomenal.

One of the most exciting aspects of MeeMee.tv is that our channel owners can make a lot of ££££’s immediately – simply by charging viewers to ‘Pay per view’ if you have created some popular or valuable content.

Meemee.tv is unique in that we encourage our channel owners – or as we call them ‘Meestro’s’ to customise their channels, we even allow you to choose your own Channel name which is part of the URL to bring your viewers directly to you rather than having to search and sift through hundreds of videos first.

What you can use MeeMee.tv for:

  • Start or promote your business or charity
  • Engage or banter in broadcasts with people who share your interests and views
  • Meet and chat to celebrity broadcasters in live video chats
  • Chat with friends and family across the globe with multiple live chat
  • Use meemee.tv as a web conference solution

Viewers need not create a site profile if they just wish to watch shows and videos, however if you wish to participate in a live video broadcast you will be requested to create a site profile, which includes your username and email address. Likewise if you wish to send virtual gifts and rewards to your favourite show creators you will need to create a site profile.

When a user decides to create a channel, they can schedule and broadcast live shows and webisodes, they can also upload previous recorded videos. Users can create webisodes within each show to enable them to assemble different content under separate shows. Just as you would watch a series on mainstream TV – MeeMee.tv content creators are able to sort their content to be viewed in whatever order preferred.

Get started today!