What is Meemee.tv???

Welcome to MeeMee.tv – our site is a live streaming and video sharing platform, built with the aim to give content creators more control over their live broadcasts and content. Our live broadcast player enables face to face video engagement between the broadcaster and their unlimited viewing audience. Up to five viewers at any one time can be invited on to the broadcasters live video stage whilst streaming live to an unlimited audience.

Meemee.tv enables users to create and run their own free online TV channels. The channels act as a hub for all their content including videos, downloadable content, articles, images, archive live broadcasts and each Tv channel includes the capacity for the channel owner to broadcast live and interactive ‘meechats’.

Unlike other popular video streaming sites you as the ‘Content creators’ can start and run a channel and upload videos or record live shows immediately and it’s absolutely FREE….and it’s so easy and quick to do you do not need any plugins just a good internet connection. The system works on Android and an IOS app is currently being developed. MeeMee.tv enables the creator to reach out to a wider audience with just a simple laptop or PC. The potential for channel owners to achieve their dreams by broadcasting to the world and building a brand and following is phenomenal. Anybody can be a global somebody at meemee.tv.

Typically the site is aimed at Vloggers, bloggers, podcastors, entertainers, educators, specialists, therapists, online entrepreneurs etc. Those who want to have more control over their content than they are currently getting through other video sharing platforms. Meemee.tv gives users the tools and the opportunities to build their idea, brand and business. Meemee.tv has several unique features which set us apart from our competitors:

  • Its completely free to use
  • Each channel has it’s own live interactive streaming player
  • Channel owners have the ability to levy fees on their content and live broadcasts – with pay per view – which are set and controlled by the channel owner
  • Live broadcasters can introduce a ‘donate’ button to attract fan funding or viewer gratuities to help them ascertain how popular their broadcasts are with viewers
  • Channel owners can completely customize their own channels which comes with a ‘Channel home page’ which users can design using our variety of templates
  • Content can be stored in organized ‘streams’ allowing viewers to access content easily
  • Channel owners choose their own Channel name – which can be accessed directly via the URL which is helpful if they wish to advertise their channel on social media or on business cards etc.
  • Live meechats can be private or public

Unlike our popular rivals meemee.tv content can be found and accessed more easily – rather than content creators feeling like their videos are lost like a needle in a haystack.

Promote your business, charity or website, make a movie or music video with friends or run workshops.

Typical meemee.tv channels include:

  • Football fan-casts where fans catch up chat and debate about their latest teams – like a virtual ‘down the pub banter’ – there is even a ‘leave a gratuity’ tab on some broadcasts labeled ‘Buy the guys a pint’ where viewers show their gratitude to the broadcasters for organizing the shows.
  • Vloggers & Bloggers who want to share their views via video, live debates and written articles
  • Authors who levy fees for their ebooks
  • Therapists who want to run their business online and see private clients on a one to one basis via private video chat and charge for their services
  • Radio podcasters who want to move into interactive video
  • Entertainers who wish to showcase their talents
  • Media portals who wish to advertise and market their services
  • Movie makers
  • Psychics and mediums and spiritual healers
  • YouTube social media stars who mish to broaden their brand and monetize their content

Channel owners typically use Meemee.tv, which is absolutely free, to:

  • Promote their business
  • Market their products
  • Showcase their talents
  • Create educational online workshops
  • Highlight a cause or charity
  • Video chat and hang out with their friends around the globe with private chats
  • Hold live public debates or Q&A’s
  • Upload pre-recorded programs on to channels
  • Sell downloads from their channels
  • Enter a whole new world of online entertainment
  • Interact live with viewers
  • Create their own online content hub

Interact live with your viewers

  • Seek valuable feedback
  • Create online discussion
  • Invite viewers into your live transmission through your social media accounts
  • Chat face to face with friends and followers and other broadcasters– choose from hundreds of your viewers who to interact with. Invite and remove at your discretion. Read comments from your viewers via the meemee.tv instant messenger all the time you are broadcasting
  • Have full broadcaster control

Make revenue by selling your products or services through your channel

  • Sell your content /broadcasts and downloadable services or products during your broadcasts by subscribing to our ‘Pay per view’ through our Meemee secure payment services.
  • Have potential customers visit your unique TV channel even when you are not broadcasting live
  • Use our downloadable voucher system to entice viewers to visit your website, store or restaurant. (Feature coming soon)
  • Use our ‘Donate now’ system to raise money for your charity or encourage viewers to show gratitude for your broadcasts and content by leaving online gartuities
  • Choose to charge your viewers to view your quality content broadcasts with our ‘Pay per view’ options – This can be educational material and tutorials, therapy sessions, or just entertaining content
  • Shortcut your potential viewers to your online TV channel with your own Vanity channel name www.meemee.tv/uniquechannelname
  • Market your channel through your Facebook or Twitter feeds
  • Hold private conferences or chats with unlimited participants for free
  • Interact with would be customers
  • Welcome your viewers with your own look and feel channel

Choose the quality of your broadcast and channel

  • Broadcast your live shows via your PC, Laptop, Tablet, camera or phone (Apps coming soon)
  • Choose our white label version and have our portal features embedded on to your website
  • Use our readymade affordable TV crew to shoot and edit your transmissions for a more professional look (contact info@meemee.tv for more details- this service is chargeable)
  • Use our TV guide & search system to highlight your forthcoming live broadcasts
  • Automatically archive your live broadcasts and save them on your channel library
  • Follow and give ‘shout outs’ to your favourite broadcasters – (free feature coming soon)
  • Use our unique diagnostics tool to ensure the very best quality shows possible – (free feature coming soon)
  • Embed your unique Meemee.tv videos into your own website

Have your personality come through on your Meemee.tv Channel

  • Customise your TV channel page with your photo, blogs and personal effects
  • Choose your own channel wallpaper
  • Make deals with your own channel advertisers and sponsors and advertise them on your channel where YOU decide and take ALL the revenue
  • Keep a library of your live broadcasts and uploaded videos on your TV channel
  • Involve your viewers with your Programs with our unique instant messenger system on your channel page – (free feature coming soon)
  • Create your own personal TV channel environment the way YOU choose with our free channel home page templates

Participate in a Live Meechat

To participate in a live broadcast you must first create a site profile and be logged in. Otherwise you can watch without a login but not request to chat live on stage.

Schedule a meechat

To create a meechat you must first have created a profile and channel. (Coming soon – you will be able to create a spontaneous meechat without having a channel). Its easy to schedule a meechat from your channel dashboard. A meechat broadcast can be private or public and can be just one broadcast or a series of broadcasts stored in organized relevant streams on your channel. Both upcoming and archived. You can create as many broadcasts and upload as many videos as you wish free of charge. You can also upload articles and images and banners with comments to your channel and channel home page.

Run a live broadcast meechat

To run a live broadcast will be prompted to schedule a time and date, title and description for your broadcast. You can invite at least five viewers to your video stage to interact with you live whilst streaming to your unlimited live audience, swapping around participants as you like, the channel owner has complete control.

Upload a Video

To upload a video you must first create a site profile and a channel. Your video can be uploaded as a stand-alone video or within a stream which you can title and write a description

Add Articles

You can articles to any of your content streams.

Upload a downloadable content

You can add downloadable content to your content streams so your viewers can keep on their own devices. You can opt to levy a fee on downloads.

Share your content via social media

Share feature coming soon.