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The Creative Media Incubator


KFRK Digital Broadcasting, (Home of "The FreakChild Experience"),Presents "The Creative Media Incubator". A channel for learning tips and tricks from our veteran broadcasters, and a place to showcase your talents as well! Learn, Share, Explore and Create! With over 15 years of digital streaming experience, Mike Lif, (you might know him better as "The FreakChild"), shares his knowledge with people who wish to learn the ins and outs of digital broadcasting. Mike not only has been doing streaming broadcasting since the late 90's, but also has Degrees in Video and Film Production, Audio Production, and Digital Editing. A self taught webcoder, he has designed all of his streaming websites himself, and continues to enjoy teaching others the amazing world that is at peoples creative fingertips.

Creative Incubator

Veteran suicide prevention

Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one?If these symptoms lead to thoughts of death or suicide, it’s important you talk to someone right away. The VR2R offers free, confidential support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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